name1     Denis
name1     Trev
name1 french
name1  keith
name2     Rudder
name2     Riley
name2 ruffin
name2  reid
pick01     NYJets X pick01     Buffalo X pick01 NYJets X pick01  Buffalo X
pick02     Denver X pick02     KansasCity
pick02 Denver X pick02  Denver X
pick03     Pittsburgh
pick03     Oakland X pick03 Pittsburgh
pick03  Pittsburgh
pick04     Houston
pick04     Jacksonville X pick04 Houston
pick04  Houston
pick05     Indianapolis X pick05     Tennessee
pick05 Indianapolis X pick05  Indianapolis X
pick06     Atlanta
pick06     Philadelphia X pick06 Atlanta
pick06  Philadelphia X
pick07     Cincinnati
pick07     Cincinnati
pick07 Detroit X pick07  Cincinnati
pick08     NewOrleans
pick08     NewOrleans
pick08 NewOrleans
pick08  NewOrleans
pick09     Carolina X pick09     Carolina X pick09 TampaBay
pick09  Carolina X
pick10     Chicago
pick10     St.Louis X pick10 St.Louis X pick10  Chicago
pick11     NewEngland
pick11     NewEngland
pick11 NewEngland
pick11  Miami X
pick12     SanDiego
pick12     SanDiego
pick12 Cleveland X pick12  Cleveland X
pick13     SanFrancisco
pick13     SanFrancisco
pick13 Seattle X pick13  Seattle X
pick14     Dallas
pick14     NYGiants X pick14 Dallas
pick14  Dallas
pick15     Minnesota
pick15     Minnesota
pick15 Minnesota
pick15  Minnesota
pick16     Baltimore
pick16     Baltimore
pick16 Baltimore
pick16  GreenBay X
points     27 4 points     43 7 points 42 7 points  32 9




UNDERDOG Final Score Comments
Game1 X NYJets -3.5
*Buffalo NY Jets  19 Buffalo  13 Jets win by 6 they cover big time finally !! everyone gets credit since I screwed up



Game2 X Denver -4.5
*KansasCity Denver  44 Kansas City  13 Denver wins by 31 they cover big time
Game3 X Oakland Pick It
*Pittsburgh Oakland  27 Pittsburgh  24 Oakland won outright
Houston Pick It X *Jacksonville Houston  18 Jacksonville  23 Jacksonville won outright
Game5 X *Indianapolis -7.5
Tennessee Tennessee 17 Indianapolis  27 Indy wins by 10 they cover big time
Game6 X Philadelphia -3.5
*Atlanta Philadelphia  34 Atlanta  7 Philly wins by 27 they cover big time Vick even scored
*Cincinnati -13.5 X Detroit Detroit  13 Cincinnati  23 Cincinnati wins by 10 but didn't cover they needed to win by 14
NewOrleans -9.5 X *Washington New Orleans  33 Washington  30 NewOrleans wins by 3 but didn't cover they needed to win by 10
Game9 X *Carolina -6.5
TampaBay Tampa Bay  6 Carolina  16 Carolina wins by 10 they cover since Tampa doesn't really play football
*Chicago -9.5 X St.Louis St. Louis  9 Chicago  17 Chicago wins by 8 but didn't cover they needed to win by 10
NewEngland -4.5 X *Miami New England  21 Miami  22 NewEngland lost got upset by the wildcat offense
SanDiego -11.5 X *Cleveland San Diego  30 Cleveland  23 SanDiego wins by 7 but didn't cover they needed to win by 12
SanFrancisco Pick It X *Seattle San Francisco  17 Seattle  20 Seattle won outright
Dallas Pick It X *NYGiants Dallas  24 NY Giants  31 Giants beat the crap out of Dallas
Minnesota Pick It X *Arizona Minnesota  17 Arizona  30 Arizona beat the day lights out of Minnesota

Monday Night Game

Game16 X
*GreenBay -3.5
Baltimore GreenBay 27 Baltimore 14
GreenBay wins by 13 they cover big time